Thursday, July 21, 2016

Mathcore Index: Volume 1

We are extremely excited to present to you our first solo compilation, Mathcore Index: Volume 1, featuring over 20 unique underground artists from around the globe. Artwork by the supremely talented Karl Frandsen, layout by Tamás Bakó​, and original logo by Keith Carlson.

Format: Digital (free download) 
Release date: 7/21/16  
Track listing:
Arms - "Deer Slayer"
Blast Unicorn - "Nonnenfinsternis"
Coma Cluster Void - "Mind Cemeteries"
The Crinn - "Against the Flow"
Dead Church - "Bleak"
Delta Sleep - "Lake Sprinkle Sprankle"
Dendritic Arbor - "Snake Oil"
Église - "The Mountains"
Employed To Serve - "No One's Perfect, This Includes You"
Frontierer - "Lightshow"
The Heads are Zeros - "The Harvest"
Helpless - "False Hope"
Instrumental, adj. - "The Nightmare of Adulthood"
meek is murder - "A Prison, a Life Raft"
Morgue - "Polar Aftermath"
Sectioned - "Toothgrinder"
Seizures - "Channeler"
Serious Beak - "Red (Laniocera hypopyrra)"
Shoto - "Whips Blow Back"
Stick Men - "Embracing the Sun (Geiger Mix)"
Tebotjf - "only one nothing else matters sample"
Things Fall Apart​ - "3239 Smiley Rd."
T H R O E S - "The Word"
Wolf King - "Vermin"
Worry - "A Legacy of Regret:
Zillah​​ - "Not All of Me Shall Die"